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The birth of the SMUC


Jean Sans is a PE teacher from Toulouse. He is been teaching at the Lycée Thiers in Marseille for 2 years when he decides with his students to recreate the friendly and sporting atmosphere he had known in Toulouse. In March 1923, together with a colleague he founds the Sports Marseillais Université Club.

At this stage, the university club only counts rugbymen and sprinters. Jean wishes to include footballers and mid-distance runners. Among his most talented students, some are young champions who belong to the Stade Marseillais, a club based in the Endoume area of Marseille. Two of these students, Edouard Grange and Raymond Coumes, contact Antoine Susini and Jean Fabre, the president and secretary of the Stade Marseillais. It doesn’t take long before an agreement is reached.

On June 11, 1923, the Sports Marseillais Universié Club and the Stade Marseillais merge into the Stade Marseillais Université Club. Members meet at the Café de la Banque, in the boulevard Paul Peytral, in the 6th district of Marseille.


SMUC hall of fame

Mens handball

SMUC French champions in

1965 1967 1969 1975 1984

Winners of the French Cup in



Womens handball

SMUC French champions in



Mens basketball

Promotion to French top division in


The SMUC will remain in the first division for two years


Womens basketball

SMUC French champions in 1945

In 1956, the SMUC ladies were the first European team to travel to China after WW2.

Daniel Constantini (handball)
4 times French champion
Twice world champion
Olympic bronze medalist

Jean-Pierre Salignon (basketball)
bronze and silver medallist - European
Olympic silver medalist

Alexandre Biamonti (Karate)
9 times French champion
9 times European champion
4 times world champion

Hélène Fize

800 meters and 3x800 meters world record holder

6 times French champion


Jean-Clause Arifon

400 meters hurdles university world champion in 1947

400 meters hurdles European record holder in 1948

took part in the 1948 London Olympics


Michel Demys

Javelin French record holder

Took part in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics


Alberte de Campou

100 meters French champion

took part in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics


Claudie Cuvelier

Shot put and discus French champion and record holder

Board of directors :

SMUC chairman:

Jean-Louis MORO

General secretary :


General treasurer:


Members of the board:


Cyrille DELPY


Opening hours

General office (all departments except tennis):
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
09:00-12:00  14:00-19:00
telephone: 0033 (0)491 703 070

Multi-activities sport centre:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
School holidays: Monday to Friday
telephone: 0033 (0)491 222 464

Tennis office:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:
9:30-12:00  15:30-19:00
9:30-12:00  14h00-17: 30
telephone: 0033 (0)491 772 810

8,000 members

The SMUC has around 8,000 members.

3,000 members practice various sporting activities within the multi-activities centre.

The other 5,000 are members of the various sport departments. The chart below shows the repartition of these members per department for the 2007-2008 season.


Women and men of all age

More than one member out of five is a woman and all ages are represented: the youngest member is 3 years old while the eldest is 87.

Average age is 15 and 64% of members are under 18.

The chart below shows the repartition of members by age.


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